Photos from our tournaments


We are lucky to have Dan Zhou , who is Gao Feng’s better half , actively taking photos for all our tournaments. Her photos are great and capture the essence of all our tournaments and players.

Dan Zhou is the chairperson of  APA.


What is APA?

Introduction to the Australasian Photographic Association

The Australasian Photographic Association is a not for profit, academic and multi-cultural organisation composed of professional and amateur photographers in Australia irrespective of what country or area of the world they come from originally.

APA is abbreviation for The Australasian Photographic Association.

APA operates under Australian laws and regulations and respects values of the Society. It promotes multi-cultural concepts. Using photographic works to record real life, APA contributes to the prosperity and development of the photographic profession in Australasia. We take photos of, discover, research and protect valuable cultural legacy of all countries.

APA mainly undertakes exchange and research in photography within Australia and between different countries. It provides training to professional photographers and amateurs. APA also organises photo shoots and interviews nationally and internationally with regard to multi-culturalism by collecting relevant photos, organising exhibitions, publishing works, establishing a photographic website and database, and organising all sorts of multi-cultural and photographic cultural exchange activities.
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