Our Sponsors

We are pleased that we have secured sponsors for the association. The sponsorships have resulted in great tournaments at reduced cost and great fun for our members.


Our current sponsors include:

cafe-mozartMozart Café

Mozart Café is owned by our president Shen Sheng. Mozart Café is one of the best bakery in Perth WA. They supply their product to businesses like Qantas. President Shen held his first Hole in One Competition in February 2014. It will become an annual event to celebrate holes in one that everyone hopes and dream of.


tan-tan-lawyersTan and Tan Lawyers


Tan and Tan Lawyers are the sponsors for the Tan and Tan Lawyers Cup which takes place annually in May of each year. Raymond is the secretary of the association. The Tan and Tan Lawyers Cup is in its 2nd year and the next competition will be in 2015.


murdoch-pines-logoMurdoch Pines Golf and Recreational Club


Murdoch Pines Golf and Recreational Club is owned by one of our members Matt Posa. Matt has supported the association since its inception. We encourage members to visit his range for regular practice.

The Murdoch Pines Golf and Recreational Club holds its annual ACGA competition in November of each year.

Money Chain Foreign Exchange is our latest sponsor.

See their website at : http://moneychain.com.au/

image010Dan Zhou our photographer.

Dan has been great in capturing all the action of the association and its members. Her team of photographers are always keen to capture every golden moment or awkward moment of our players in action. Dan represents the Australasian Photographic Asso.

Introduction to the Australasian Photographic Association

The Australasian Photographic Association is a not for profit, academic and multi- cultural organisation composed of professional and amateur photographers in Australia irrespective of what country or area of the world they come from originally.

APA is abbreviation for The Australasian Photographic Association.